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The MeLuna is a medical grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) menstrual cup that is flexible and reusable every time you have your period.

The MeLuna is easy to use, reusable… and economical.

The MeLuna is the cheapest menstrual cup on the market. It is made in Germany. Guaranteed without Latex, Phthalate, Alkylphenol, Bisphenol A.

It is a menstrual cup, which is inserted much like a tampon. The menstrual blood is collected in the tub during menstruation. You empty the cup a few times a day and after your period you can keep it until the next cycle. So reusable.

How do you use the menstrual cup?

First and foremost, make sure your hands are clean. Disinfect the menstrual cup before first use. You can boil the cup (about 5 minutes). The ideal position to insert or remove the cup is sitting or standing. Before inserting the cup, fold it in half lengthwise. Insert the double-folded cup into the vagina.

After some time this becomes a completely normal act. Inserting or removing a menstrual cup is no more complicated than a regular tampon.

How often do you empty the menstrual cup?

On average twice a day. The cup may remain in place for a maximum of 12 hours.

What material does a menstrual cup consist of?

From silicone. That does not raise any known allergies. By using a menstrual cup you have less risk of bacterial infections and you prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), which can occur, for example, as a result of tampon use.

A menstrual cup can also be used by women with eczema or various types of skin allergies, for example to tampons or latex. The silicones are neutral to the natural vaginal environment and do not dry out the mucous membrane.

How do you maintain a menstrual cup?

During menstruation, you empty the cup a few times a day. You just have to rinse them with water. After your period, sterilize the cup and store it in a cotton bag where it will not come into contact with UV rays and will retain its color.

How many cups do you need?

Actually, one cup is enough. During your period, empty the cup regularly and rinse it out with some water. After menstruation, sterilize them and store them until the next cycle.

How do you know that the menstrual cup is in the right place?

To check whether the menstrual cup is in the right place, you can try turning the cup at the bottom. When inserted correctly, it cannot be tipped over and is held in the same position by your vaginal muscles. The menstrual cup is inserted low in the vagina. When inserted correctly, it does not leak through and you do not feel it.

Isn't it difficult to remove?

Because it certainly wouldn't hurt, it's best to break the vacuum. You can do this by moving one finger along the cup and pushing the cup in slightly. If you really have trouble removing the cup, don't panic. You can lower him by doing pelvic floor muscle exercises, you push him out, as it were (like during childbirth).

What if the stem irritates?

If the stem irritates you, you can certainly cut it off.

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